Controversy Surrounds RRR as Writer Vijayendra Prasad’s Remarks Spark Fan Outrage

Controversy erupts over RRR as Vijayendra Prasad's interview remarks on Ram Charan and Jr NTR's characters spark fan outrage on social media. The writer's comments lead to heated exchanges, highlighting the intensity of fan loyalty in the Indian cinema landscape.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Jan, 25, 2024 | 10:07 AM

Controversy Surrounds RRR as Writer Vijayendra Prasad’s Remarks Spark Fan Outrage

RRR, the highly anticipated SS Rajamouli directorial, has found itself amidst controversy as remarks made by writer Vijayendra Prasad during a recent interview triggered fan outrage on social media. The comments, specifically related to the portrayal of Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s characters, have led to heated exchanges among their respective fan bases.

In the interview, Vijayendra Prasad addressed questions about the pre-climax portions of RRR, focusing on Ram Charan’s portrayal of Alluri Seetha Rama Raju, a revered freedom fighter. When asked if the scenes intended to depict him as Lord Shri Ram, the writer clarified that the intention was solely to portray Alluri Seetha Rama Raju, although the perception of the character as Lord Ram by people in the North worked well.

The controversy escalated with Vijayendra Prasad’s response to a question about which character would stay with him after the film, whether Ram Charan’s or Jr NTR’s. The writer’s previous statement that Ram Charan’s character would stay with the audience more led to intense reactions. Despite clarifying that he didn’t write characters based on their impact post-film, stating admiration for Jr NTR’s acting prowess, and emphasizing the complexity of Ram Charan’s character, fans expressed displeasure.

This controversy spilt onto X (formerly known as Twitter), where fans unleashed hate comments, creating spats between supporters of Ram Charan and Jr NTR. The disagreements overshadowed the collaborative spirit in Indian cinema, with neutral fans expressing disappointment in unnecessary clashes.

Vijayendra Prasad, a respected figure in Indian cinema, faced criticism for his remarks, highlighting the deep-rooted loyalty and emotions associated with fan bases. As RRR’s release approaches, the intensity of these debates serves as a reminder of the passionate fan culture within the industry.

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