‘Tillu Square’ Sequel Announced: Siddu Jonnalagadda Returns to the Big Screen in a Dashing Traditional Avatar

The much-awaited sequel to the hit film 'DJ Tillu' has been officially announced, revealing the title as 'Tillu Square.'

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Oct, 27, 2023 | 01:09 PM

‘Tillu Square’ Sequel Announced: Siddu Jonnalagadda Returns to the Big Screen in a Dashing Traditional Avatar

With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, the much-awaited sequel to the hit film ‘DJ Tillu‘ has been officially announced, revealing the title as ‘Tillu Square.’ The makers recently unveiled an intriguing new look of the charismatic ‘Starboy’ Siddhu Jonnalagadda, leaving fans eager for the film’s release slated for February 9th, 2024. The movie promises to bring back the beloved protagonist in a thrilling and action-packed storyline, building upon the success of its predecessor.

‘Tillu Square’ continues the engaging tale of Siddu, portrayed by the talented Siddu Jonnalagadda, as he navigates through an intricate web of circumstances stemming from an accidental murder case, entangled with the film’s leading lady character essayed by Neha Shetty. Directed by Vimal Krishna, who also serves as a co-writer, the film weaves together elements of crime and comedy, promising audiences a riveting and entertaining cinematic experience.

The creative team behind the movie’s production is a collaboration of skilled industry professionals, including Sai Prakash Ummadisingu as the cinematographer and Naveen Nooli, renowned for his work on ‘Jersey,’ overseeing the editing process. The music direction for the film is helmed by the dynamic duo of Sricharan Pakala and Ram Miriyala, complemented by the captivating background scores crafted by the esteemed composer S Thaman.

Apart from the excitement surrounding ‘Tillu Square,’ Siddu Jonnalagadda has been making headlines with his involvement in the upcoming epic romantic movie ‘Telusu Kada.’ Set to feature alongside the talented Raashii Khanna and the renowned Srinidhi Shetty of ‘KGF’ fame, Siddu’s performance is anticipated to add depth and charisma to this much-anticipated cinematic venture. The film, directed by the acclaimed stylist and costume designer Neeraja Kona in her directorial debut, has garnered significant attention since its launch, drawing accolades from industry stalwarts such as Nani, Nithiin, and Aadhi Pinishetty.

As ‘Tillu Square’ gears up for its release in February, fans can anticipate a captivating performance from Siddu Jonnalagadda, supported by the talented Anupama Parameswaran, who is set to portray the role of Siddu’s love interest, adding an extra layer of intrigue and emotion to the film’s compelling narrative. With an impressive lineup of projects and a stellar cast, the future looks bright for Siddu Jonnalagadda as he continues to captivate audiences with his unparalleled charm and acting prowess in the world of Telugu cinema.

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