Where’s what Kajol advices her children about trolling

On her 49th birthday Kajol talked about her birthday plans and how she asks her children to deal with trolling.

Khateja Qureshi | Published On: Aug, 5, 2023 | 01:11 AM

Where’s what Kajol advices her children about trolling

Superstar Kajol need no introduction, she has truly established herself a place in the industry. The actress turned 49 on August 5. For her birthday celebrations mean spending quality time with her family.

The actress says, “The biggest birthday ritual that I have is that I make sure I meet all the people I love. So, I tend to call all of them all over, especially my family because I don’t get a chance to meet them all through the year because of our hectic schedules,”

The actor further quips that her birthday is just like a national holiday for all. “So, I tell them that and call them over to meet me with a lot of authority. Kyunki mera birthday hai toh haq jata ke bol sakti hun ke zaroor aana milne,” she laughs.

Talking about trolls and how she advices her kids she said, “I do talk to my kids Nysa (20) and Yug (12) about trolling and tell them that the only thing they can do is take it with a pinch of salt. I mean how much of these trolls you can take seriously? Or how will you respond to everything? Because roz kuch na kuch nikal raha hai, roz kuch na kuch bol rahe hain,” says the actor, who is at the moment getting appreciated for her recent OTT outings through Lust Stories 2 and The Trial.

Kajol futher adds, “I read some headlines that say ‘brutally trolled’. And I’m like, ‘What does it exactly mean and who are these people brutally trolling me or my family?’ Also, saying that an actor got brutally trolled for wearing a pair of shoes and going to the airport is like too much. One has to take it with a pinch of salt and have that bit of sense of humour.”

Kajol’s daughter Nysa, has been subjected to a lot of trolling in the recent past. To which Kajol said, “The most important thing that I tell my kids is, ‘Please don’t pay so much attention to it. Think for yourself, use your own brain’. That’s the biggest message that I would want to send out on my birthday to every person out there that start using your own brain instead of listening to all the 100 people that you believe are important on social media. They are not.”

Kajol concluded by showing gratitude to her, “I’m immensely grateful. I love the fact that people call me a trendsetter and mention that I have broken norms. It is really special.”