Satya Actor JD Chakravarthy Reflects on Film’s 25th Anniversary

JD Chakravarthy, who played a significant role in the film, has reflected on his experience and choices post the movie's success.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Jul, 26, 2023 | 11:45 AM

Satya Actor JD Chakravarthy Reflects on Film’s 25th Anniversary

As the cult classic gangster drama “Satya” turns 25 this month, JD Chakravarthy, who played a significant role in the film, has reflected on his experience and choices post the movie’s success. The talented actor, who wore multiple hats on the Ram Gopal Varma-directed crime saga, expressed his thoughts on whether he fully capitalized on the film’s triumph and revealed exciting details about his upcoming Telugu web-series debut, “Dayaa.”

In an exclusive interview with PTI, JD Chakravarthy was asked if he believes he could have made better use of the success that “Satya” brought him. The actor’s response was introspective yet humorous, as he said, “If I need to get sympathy out of it, then I’ll say yeah. I put in loads of effort… Ramu sir told me, ‘Chakri, I’m not underlining any of your dialogues. You are the music. But for Bhikhu Mhatre (Manoj Bajpayee), I’m underlining all the lines’. I said, ‘So what happens sir because of this?'”

Despite having a memorable role in “Satya,” JD Chakravarthy admitted that he could have taken up more work after the film’s success. However, his time was occupied with assisting Ram Gopal Varma on various projects, acting in Telugu films, and managing their production ventures with the director. He expressed contentment with the decisions he made at the time.

Regarding his upcoming Telugu web-series debut, “Dayaa,” JD Chakravarthy shared his excitement about the unconventional opportunity. Initially hesitant about doing a Telugu series, he was persuaded by the director, Pavan Sadineni, who reached out to him personally. Despite directors expecting him to emulate his “Satya” image, the actor eagerly took up the role of the title character in the crime thriller. “Dayaa” follows JD Chakravarthy’s character, who finds a woman’s body in his van, setting off a series of unexpected events involving crime and bloodshed. The web series, produced by SVF Entertainment, is set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on August 4.

Speaking about “Satya,” the actor fondly remembered the film’s success and the impact it had on his co-star Manoj Bajpayee’s career. “All along Satya was happening, I used to tell Manoj, ‘Iske baad na, tu chha jayega (After this, you will be famous).’ He would say, ‘No, sir, I don’t know.’ He had done some good work by then which didn’t work. The reason is Bhikhu Mhatre’s character was a tailor-made role, which anyone would do a good job in. Manoj has done an amazing job,” he said.

Reflecting on the 25-year milestone of “Satya,” JD Chakravarthy expressed that individual recollections of the film’s making might differ over time, and he chose to stay away from the limelight during the anniversary celebrations. While in touch with Ram Gopal Varma, co-writer Anurag Kashyap, and co-actor Urmila Matondkar, the actor believed that there were more exciting projects to focus on rather than dwelling on past achievements.

As JD Chakravarthy gears up for his Telugu web-series debut with “Dayaa,” fans eagerly anticipate seeing the talented actor mesmerize the audience once again with his performance. His commitment to exploring new ventures and taking on diverse roles continues to captivate audiences, ensuring that his legacy in the world of Indian cinema remains enduring and dynamic.

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