Ravi Teja’s ‘Eagle’: Trailer and Second Single Release Pique Excitement for the Upcoming Action Thriller

Ravi Teja's much-anticipated film 'Eagle' generates buzz with its intriguing trailer and the release of a captivating second single, heightening anticipation for the action-packed thriller.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Dec, 29, 2023 | 01:00 PM

Ravi Teja’s ‘Eagle’: Trailer and Second Single Release Pique Excitement for the Upcoming Action Thriller

Ravi Teja‘s forthcoming venture, “Eagle,” directed by Karthik Gattamneni, has been a prevalent topic of discussion in recent times. Scheduled for a theatrical release on January 13, 2024, coinciding with Sankranti, the film boasts an ensemble cast headlined by Anupama Parameswaran and Kavya Thapar in pivotal roles.

The recent unveiling of the film’s official trailer earlier this month showcased Ravi Teja in a distinct portrayal, intriguing audiences with a character departure from his previous roles. Building on this excitement, the movie’s makers dropped the second single, titled “Gallanthe,” a melodic love track accentuating the chemistry between Ravi Teja and Kavya Thapar’s characters.

Translated loosely from Telugu, ‘gallanthe’ signifies love, hinting at Ravi Teja’s character being deeply engrossed in affection for Kavya Thapar’s persona. Set against picturesque foreign locales, the song not only underscores the characters’ romantic connection but also features a finely choreographed dance sequence. DavZanD’s musical composition impeccably complements the heartfelt lyrics penned by Krishna Kanth (KK), brought to life by the soulful voices of Kapil Kapilan and Lynn.

Offering insights into “Eagle,” this film marks the second collaboration between director Karthik Gattamneni and Ravi Teja after their 2022 endeavour, “Dhamaka.” The ensemble cast, including Madhubala, Ajay Ghosh, Navdeep, and Srinivas Avasarala, amplifies the movie’s intrigue.

The recently released trailer, unveiled on December 20, teased viewers with glimpses of an action thriller steeped in mystery surrounding Ravi Teja’s character. Described by some as a ‘ruthless assassin’ while revered as an idol by others, the dichotomy surrounding his persona fuels curiosity. Anupama Parameswaran’s character appears pivotal, seemingly on a quest to unravel the enigma behind Ravi Teja’s mysterious role.

“Eagle” is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibhotla under the banner of People Media Factory, showcasing technical prowess through Karm Chawla and Kamil Plocki’s cinematography, with Uthara overseeing the film’s editing. Karthik Gattamneni’s multifaceted involvement enriches the project across various production departments.

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