Director Naveen Medaram Breaks Silence on ‘Devil: The British Secret Agent’ Controversy

Director Naveen Medaram breaks silence on the 'Devil' controversy, revealing heartfelt dedication despite uncredited directorial contributions, urging fans to witness its blockbuster potential.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Dec, 27, 2023 | 04:37 PM

Director Naveen Medaram Breaks Silence on ‘Devil: The British Secret Agent’ Controversy

The buzz surrounding Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s upcoming venture, “Devil: The British Secret Agent,” has taken a tumultuous turn with directorial credits becoming a point of contention. Scheduled for release on December 29, the film’s promotion has been in full swing while behind-the-scenes controversies brewed.

Initially helmed by director Naveen Medaram, the film’s narrative changed midway into production, transferring the directorial reins to producer Abhishek Nami. This abrupt shift in leadership sparked curiosity and speculation within the film fraternity and among eager audiences. However, silence prevailed as no clarifications were issued regarding this unexpected alteration.

Breaking his silence on the matter, Naveen Medaram took to social media to share an emotional post addressing the tumultuous turn of events. He poured his heart out, expressing his involvement and dedication to “Devil,” shedding light on the extensive effort invested over three years into script development, costume selection, location scouting, set design, and a staggering 105 days of filming across various cities like Karaikudi, Vizag, and Hyderabad.


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The director asserted that “Devil” remains his brainchild, bearing his distinct artistic vision, despite the change in directorial credits. Emphasizing that his silence did not signify any wrongdoing on his part, Naveen attributed the controversy to rash decisions steered by ego and greed. Notably, he refrained from legal action but expressed disappointment over not receiving due credit for his directorial role.

In a determined tone, Naveen vowed to return stronger and expressed gratitude to actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram while urging fans to witness the film’s theatrical release, assuring them of its blockbuster caliber. Additionally, he unveiled his commitment to a new project, currently scripting his next endeavor.

Despite the controversy, “Devil: The British Secret Agent” boasts an ensemble cast featuring Samyuktha Menon, Elnaaz Norouzi, Mark Bennington, among others. Produced by Devansh Nama, Mohit Rawlyani, and Abhishek Nama under Abhishek Pictures, the film has Harshvardhan Rameshwar handling the music and Sounder Rajan behind the captivating cinematography.

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