Chiranjeevi’s Career Shift: A Glimpse at His Foray into Fantasy Genre & Possible Kannada Cinema Comeback

Chiranjeevi ventures into uncharted waters with his potential leap into the fantasy genre in 'Mega 156' while hinting at a comeback to Kannada cinema.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Dec, 27, 2023 | 04:47 PM

Chiranjeevi’s Career Shift: A Glimpse at His Foray into Fantasy Genre & Possible Kannada Cinema Comeback

Chiranjeevi hailed as the ‘Megastar’ and a stalwart of Telugu cinema, finds himself in a transitional phase, grappling with a recent string of underperforming films that failed to capture the audience’s imagination. His latest venture, “Bhola Shankar,” met with disappointment, labelled as outdated and lacking appeal.

In a strategic move to reinvigorate his career trajectory, Chiranjeevi seems poised to explore uncharted territories, eyeing the realm of fantasy with his upcoming project, tentatively titled “Mega 156.” This anticipated venture holds the promise of redeeming Chiranjeevi’s stature in the industry.

Adding an intriguing layer to Chiranjeevi’s plans is the potential return to Kannada cinema after a lengthy hiatus of 22 years. Reports suggest a compelling narrative, indicating Chiranjeevi’s potential extended cameo in an upcoming untitled movie helmed by director Prem, featuring Kannada superstar Darshan in the lead role. While Chiranjeevi’s official confirmation remains pending, sources indicate a positive inclination from the veteran actor toward this proposed project.

Chiranjeevi’s last foray into Kannada cinema traces back to the late ’90s with the film “Sipayi” (1996), sharing the screen with Ravichandran.

However, the speculated collaboration may encounter a delay in fruition, given director Prem’s ongoing commitments, particularly the filming of the pan-India epic “KD” alongside Dhruva Sarja, anticipated to be a two-part cinematic marvel.

Meanwhile, “Mega 156” not only marks Chiranjeevi’s potential comeback to Kannada cinema but also signifies his return to the fantasy genre after a substantial hiatus. Directed by Vassishta, known for his work on “Bimbisara,” this project gains further credibility with the involvement of Chiranjeevi’s daughter, Sushmita Konidela, serving as the costume designer. The movie is being produced by V Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapati, and Vikram Reddy under the banner of UV Creations.

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