Vishal Opens Up About Thalapathy Vijay’s Journey: From Adversity to Triumph

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla during the release of 'Mark Antony,' actor Vishal reflects on Thalapathy Vijay's remarkable journey, highlighting resilience and success despite early challenges.

Maheswara Rao Nadella | Published On: Jan, 27, 2024 | 10:42 AM

Vishal Opens Up About Thalapathy Vijay’s Journey: From Adversity to Triumph

Actor Vishal, in a candid interview with Pinkvilla during the release of ‘Mark Antony,’ shared insights into the enduring friendship and career trajectory of Thalapathy Vijay. Recalling their bond since college days, Vishal emphasized witnessing Vijay’s evolution from adversity to triumph.

Speaking about Vijay’s early struggles, Vishal revealed, “I have seen everything that Vijay has faced from his college days because he is my brother’s senior.” Despite initial skepticism, Vijay persevered through criticism, even encountering disparaging remarks from a magazine questioning his on-screen appeal. Vishal recalled the incident, stating, “Do we need to pay money to watch this guy’s face in the theatre?” However, Vijay’s response was resolute, continuing to make movies and ultimately winning positive acclaim from the same magazine.

Vishal praised Thalapathy Vijay’s resilience, stating, “It has not been the easiest, but he has groomed himself while growing up the ladder.” The camaraderie and mutual respect between the two actors have been evident on multiple occasions, reflecting a strong bond.

While Vijay is presently engrossed in the shooting of his upcoming film ‘GOAT’ with director Venkat Prabhu, playing a double role, his foray into politics has been making headlines. Rumours intensify as reports suggest the imminent launch of Vijay’s political party within the next month, with discussions on key positions, including Vijay as the President.

On the other hand, Vishal is gearing up for the release of ‘Rathnam,’ a film featuring Priya Bhavani Shankar, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Yogi Babu, and others. Additionally, fans eagerly await the sequel to ‘Thupparivaalan’ titled ‘Thupparivaalan 2,’ promising an intriguing project in Vishal’s pipeline. As the two actors pursue their respective endeavors, their journeys continue to captivate audiences in the dynamic realm of Tamil cinema.

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