Prasanth Varma opens up on VFX comparisons with Adipurush

Upcoming Telugu superhero film HanuMan is helmed by filmmaker Prashant Varma. The director opened up about his struggles with VFX for the film.

Khateja Qureshi | Published On: Jun, 9, 2023 | 01:14 PM

Prasanth Varma opens up on VFX comparisons with Adipurush

Filmmaker Prasanth Varma is now gearing up for the release of his first Telugu Superhero film, HanuMan starring Teja Sajja. Recently, Prasanth Varma opened up about creating his own Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU), the upcoming superhero film HanuMan, the film’s VFX comparison with Adipurush, and more.

He said to Pinkvilla, “To keep me excited about my own films, I need something challenging,” said Prasanth Varma about creating PVCU further sharing that he is “interested in superhero films and very passionate” about this genre and wants to create something that “has our roots but also set in current times with the use of technology we have now.”

Talking about the challenges he said, “When I was making Zombie Reddy, I had no idea how to make it and how zombies work so there was a lot of excitement to learn and also do it. At the same time, with superhero film, I didn’t know how to shoot for a superhero film so I was learning and making it, which was more fun, and different genres films keep me going. I don’t want to keep directing movies in the same universe, I want to shift to different genres and make films that are not explored yet.”

“We faced many challenges as we didn’t know how to shoot the character (HanuMan) very fast, like in flash, and for that, I had to do a lot of research. We had to shoot in very unconventional places, forests. I don’t believe in anyone saying that ‘he worked really hard for this film’ because this is why we are in the industry to do and this is our passion, hobby so we enjoy the entire process of making the film, and whatever challenges that were there, were also very exciting to conquer.” He added.

He further went on talking about the VFX in the film, “VFX, we didn’t have the budget and started on a very low budget. It is not a big-budget Hollywood or Indian film so we had our limitations…We couldn’t afford to go to big studios. We went to a small one, recently established studio for VFX. They are very talented people, passionate and were very much co-operating on our film. We don’t have much budget, so were are taking it forward with whatever we can and taking a little more time that it is supposed to. Quality-wise, we are not compromising anywhere.”