Naga Shaurya walks out of Rangabali’s success meet

Naga Shourya was seemingly annoyed by a journalist’s question during the success meet of his latest release, Rangabali.

Khateja Qureshi | Published On: Jul, 9, 2023 | 04:23 PM

Naga Shaurya walks out of Rangabali’s success meet

Naga Shaurya’s recently release was Rangabali, which is not performing well at the box office as expected. The actor was confident about the film during its promotions. He had said that this would be the film that would finally put an end to his bad luck at the box office. But much to his expectation the film isn’t doing good.

Inspite of Rangabali having a bad opening and has been receiving bad reviews. The film’s team conducted a success meet. During the event, the film’s team had a question-and-answer session with the media. This is when a question posed by a journalist to Naga Shaurya annoyed him, leading to the actor walking out of the success meet.

A journalist asked the actor why the character he plays does not know the background of the prominent center around which the film takes place. Pawan Basamsetti, the director of Rangabali, tried answering the question first, but his answer wasn’t satisfactory to the journalist.

So then, Naga Shaurya took the mic from Pawan and replied to the journalist. He said that the character that he is playing is young and dynamic. The actor further added that the protagonist would not be interested in deep diving into history at his age. Naga Shaurya pointed out that if every minute detail is mentioned in the film, then it will be sixteen hours long and got annoyed.