Mithila Palkar opens up about what it is like to work in the South industry

From being a digital celebrity, to now actress, Mithila Palkar's journey has been inspiring.

Khateja Qureshi | Published On: Oct, 21, 2022 | 08:37 AM

Mithila Palkar opens up about what it is like to work in the South industry

From being a digital celebrity, to now actress, Mithila Palkar’s journey has been inspiring. Hailing from a humble background and with no connections, the actress stepped up the ladder of success, starting from OTT to making her debut not only in Bollywood but also in the South Indian film industry. Working with stalwarts like Irrfan Khan, Kajol, and even Dulquer Salmaan, the actress has had an interesting career graph.  She is now gearing up to make her debut in South cinema with Ori Devuda which is a remake of the Tamil rom-com Oh My Kadavule. Featuring Vishwak Sen, Venkatesh Daggubati, Asha Bhat, and Murali Sharma among others. In this exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, Mithila Palkar discusses the challenges of working in a completely different industry.

Although it was a new industry, Mithila Palkar cannot stop appreciating the love and support she has got from her Telugu cast and crew. She told that her experience was different from what she thought and how it has inspired her to take up more projects down South. “When you work in an industry which you were never a part of, I went into it thinking that I am probably going to feel lonely. I’m not going to understand anything that they are going to say to me. But they were so lovely, warm, and welcoming. The best part was that everyone was talking in different languages on the sets of the film. Since it’s a remake of a Tamil film, most of the crew was from Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Some were speaking in Tamil, some of them in Telugu, and some in Hindi and English. I felt completely at home.”

Speaking about how she admires them and their bond, Mithila added, “I really admire the warmth and the love with which they welcomed me. They supported me so much, which I required because I have never spoken Telugu. In fact, I have family in Chennai but with Telugu, I had no connection. So to feel at home is a big thing. Now it’s my second home.”

Furthermore, Mithila also revealed that she did learn tidbits of the language but the ambitious actress is keen on learning all four South languages and is also eager to work in those industries. “Actually there’s something I learned about myself. I learned that I love to learn new languages. I always knew that I loved singing in different languages but I love learning and understanding the language, which is something that I learned while doing this film. It has opened so many new avenues for me within this industry. Now, I want to do films in all four South languages.”

Readers would be aware that Mithila Palkar will be seen in the role, originally played by Ritika Singh in the Tamil version. Directed by Ashwath Marimuthu, Ori Devuda will release on October 21.